Plug Valves

GATOR Plug Valves are some of the most dependable in the industry. They can be designed from corrosion resistant materials to meet the needs of abrasive liquids and manufactured to withstand high temperature and high pressure applications. Ideally suited for viscous liquids, plug valves regulate fluid flow with the use of conically tapered or cylindrical plugs that can be rotated inside the valve body. These plugs have one or more holes going through them for fluid to pass through when opened. Plug valves fall into the quarter turn category of valves.

GATOR Plug Valves are available in three versions: short, regular, and venturi patterns. With a compact face to face dimension, short plug valves are suitable for applications where some flow rate reduction can be accepted. Regular plug valves maintain flow with minimal loss and have a longer face to face dimension than the short valves. When flow rate is not critical, venturi pattern plug valves minimize pressure drop with a long lead in and out of the port. For consistent and accurate flow control of viscous liquids, GATOR Plug Valves are then ideal and proven choice.

GATOR Plug Valves are available in carbon steel, various grades of stainless steel including duplex, and virtually any metallurgy required.

Gator Plug Valve Product Data Sheet