Gator’s top priority is SAFETY!

Our entire team is committed to completing all work without incidents to prevent workforce injuries and worksite damage. In order to achieve this goal, the health and safety of all personnel must receive primary consideration across all phases of the project, including planning, scheduling and executing work.

Compliance with Gator Health & Safety requirements as well as Federal and Local Safety & Health regulations is mandatory and a condition of employment. All Gator employees are required to comply with these Health & Safety requirements as a minimum. In addition, we employ full-time safety personnel to ensure all projects meet both client and regulatory agency requirements in maximizing the protection of all people and property.

Exceptions to any of the above for reasons of economic considerations or previous practices will not be tolerated. Where differences in policy occur between our client and Gator the more stringent requirement will apply in all cases.

GATOR believes that our employees are our most important asset. We will utilize all available resources and programs to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all GATOR and client employees.

That is our PROMISE and PRIORITY!